My trip in France


Today I would like to tell you about my trip in France.

To start off, I would have never thought I would be able to go there alone. Maybe to you it might seem easy or doable anyway, especially if you are used to travelling. However, it was a new experience for me, both because, in my family, we are not very used to travelling and because (unfortunately) we are barely used to having buses in my village. Despite these initial worries, I arrived in France, helped by the thought I would meet my friends there, who actually helped me a lot, both giving me motivation and finding  good travel combinations (for the days and the budget that I had).

The first place where I stayed was Le Mans, where we were hosted by one of my French friends. I must say, I felt right at home, both for the way I was welcomed and because the landscape was similar to my village (since I live in the countryside).


From there we went to Bretagne, ending up in a place called Le Croisic. Here, after long time, I saw the beach again, which was a great feeling (yeah… I feel a bit nostalgic about Italian landscapes). Of course, since I definitely have a sweet tooth, I stopped to eat a nice ice-cream.

The second (and main) stop was in Pornichet… New experience there as well: we were hosted by a girl in a house with a nice view of the sea. It’s definitely an experience to have again, both for the nice view (and especially for the opportunity of going to the beach every day), and for the interesting way in which we were welcomed. We did the so called couch surfing, which consists in finding people through an app who want to have some guests in their house for a few days.


While in Pornichet, we made several day trips to the surrounding cities. One such stop was where there is the production of salt, in a place called Les marais salants. From there, following lunch, we drove to the nearby city of La Guérande, where I also bought a nice baguette (a must in France) as well as a book from a local bookstore.


Last stop: Nantes. We visited the castle of the dukes of Bretagne, as well as a mechanical museum. Although I did not actually go inside, I took a picture of this mechanical elephant, from which visitors can enjoy the top-down view.

To conclude with a gastronomical parenthesis, a galette with eggs and ham (in the picture) and a delicious crêpe (not pictured here)


What can I say? A nice trip, though in the beginning I was obsessed with Paris. Even now I would like to visit it, but I certainly visited some places which deserved to be visited. I also got a nice impression from the French people and, most of all, I loved speaking French in the place (as it was my first time in France). The culture itself and the lifestyle are very similar to Italy. Who knows… maybe one day I’ll come back there, possibly for a longer time. I know, I am split among different places, but for the multicultural environment in which I am and for what I am studying, I feel as though I belong to different places.

‘Til next time,


Autore: raffaelechirico

Raffaele Chirico, 22 anni e studente di lingue e culture straniere. Appassionato di lettura, scrittura, nuoto e serie tv. Raffaele Chirico, 22 years old and student of foreign languages and cultures. I like reading, writing, swimming and watching Tv series.


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