Happy new year wishes

In a bit a new year will begin.

2018, like other years, was full of experiences and emotions, which were both positive and negative.

I’m certainly satisfied with two choices: opening this blog and going to Germany. For the new year, therefore, I hope to go on living a good Erasmus mobility, go on writing (and possibly in a different and more ambitious way), have a good health, enjoy the present more and be more positive.

To those who are reading, I wish to:

-be in good health (I think this is important for everyone);

-be able to rely on your family and good friends (I prefer having a few, but good ones);

-travel (because life is too short and it’s always good to broaden the horizons);

-find the right person for you or enjoy the relationship with somebody, since I believe a partner should complete you, rather than worsening or limiting you;

-make your dreams come true: whether it’s for your studies, your career or any other project, reaching an aim is a good satisfaction;

-appreciate what you have, rather than thinking of what you would like to have;

-think about your good memories or of the people for whom you are important during some difficult moments.

Happy 2019!

Autore: raffaelechirico

Raffaele Chirico, 22 anni e studente di lingue e culture straniere. Appassionato di lettura, scrittura, nuoto e serie tv. Raffaele Chirico, 22 years old and student of foreign languages and cultures. I like reading, writing, swimming and watching Tv series.


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