Hi everyone,

I would like to tell you something about Aachen, one of the German cities close to the Netherlands and Belgium. It is a very historical place, as Charle Magne’s court was there (and it’s not a coincidence that many things are written both in German and French when you visit the city).

A very striking place where you should stop is the Cathedral, as you can notice from the pictures. This time (very surprisingly) I’m also posting a picture with myself in the photo.

Another place you can notice, while walking in the city, is the theatre, where there are plays in different languages.

Another place where I went is the townhall, which has plenty of interesting details outside and offers another view of the cathedral as well (as you can notice in the picture where I am at the window).

Then I just wanted to tell you something hilarious that happened: there were plenty of people wearing bathing suits and throwing a ball to one another, while it was freezing outside. All that was organized for a couple who has just gotten married.

Another funny thing happened with a friend of mine, who told a woman in the backery we wanted to “buy a man”, referring to this product (I had been saying I wanted) shaped as a man and typically sold during this time of the year. I can’t tell you how embarassing it was (Even though she’s hilarious). Of course, I am posting a picture, so that you can see it.

I hope you enjoyed the article. See you soon,


Autore: raffaelechirico

Raffaele Chirico, 22 anni e studente di lingue e culture straniere. Appassionato di lettura, scrittura, nuoto e serie tv. Raffaele Chirico, 22 years old and student of foreign languages and cultures. I like reading, writing, swimming and watching Tv series.


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