Excursion to Neuhaus castle

Here I am again. Today I’ll write about a topic which is not directly linked to university, but this doesn’t mean it is less important than other past topics. I’d like to tell you about an excursion to Neuhaus castle, which took place last week.

I reached it on foot with other Erasmus students. Although there was plenty of distance, it was pleasant to talk with people I knew and also a good moment to meet others; besides, with us there were some people of Eurobiz, who organize events on a voluntary basis and are a reference point in case we need an advice or help. In other words, it’s an association created to develop contacts with a big variety of cultures. This is the main reason why I appreciate their work; besides, during the weekend I also went out with some of them, so there is the possibility to create a bond which is far from the traditional academic space and this, for who leaves the own roots for a long time, has a value which can hardly be described.

Going back to the description of my day, after a morning spent among chats, food and pictures, I took advantage of the time I had during the afternoon to go inside the castle and find out more about it. Here are, therefore, some information about it:

-It is one of the greatest examples of Renaissance art. Two important figures for its realization were the Prince-Bishop Erich von Braunschweig-Grubenhagen and the architect Jörg Unkair (before 1500-53). First to be built were the south wing and a stair tower. The castle was completed under Dietrich von Fürstenberg’s reign (1585-1618), who built the inner courtyard with the north ring, adding four round, corner towers to the exterior.

-Around 1380, Neuhaus was granted town privileges and administrative bodies, with consequent changes in the townscape: servants of the court and merchants built their houses along the main roads. New economic stimulus was injected by the Prussian garrison.

-A particular place is the refectory, where there are paintings suggesting that it was used for symbolic purposes, like a princely dining room. With the extension of the castle, so in a four-wing complex, the refectory lost its position of prominence.

-Clemens August (reign: 1719-1761) had the castle transformed into a baroque parkland. There was also a gateway connecting the castle and the north wing, as well as fountains, exotic plants and statues, which still today are the synthesis of baroque art. The central area, destroyed by the Prussians, was reconstructed in 1994.

The northern part of the castle was striking for me, as it is used for educational purposes. Imagine if you could spend time in a castle with others students and teacher, during a class. It is rather unusual and fascinating, right? There are, besides, plenty of events in the huge garden, so it is the ideal place if you are planning to relax with music, conversations and food. Nearby there are plenty of green spaces, so you could also organize a nice picnic.

As you can see, I decided to post some pictures of the outside, so as to give you an idea. Moreover, I truly hope you will have the chance of going there to visit it. My next article will be similar to this, as I’ll post some pictures taken while I was downtown during one afternoon. There’ll be also excursions to other cities (Soest and Düsseldorf will be the next), so I look forward to finding out more about them and share with you.

See you soon,


Autore: raffaelechirico

Raffaele Chirico, 22 anni e studente di lingue e culture straniere. Appassionato di lettura, scrittura, nuoto e serie tv. Raffaele Chirico, 22 years old and student of foreign languages and cultures. I like reading, writing, swimming and watching Tv series.


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